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Organizational Transformation and Your Collaborative Intranet: The UFCU Story

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While change often factors strategy, technology, and people, it’s usually the people element that gets overlooked, blunting the potential of that change’s adoption and support.

Change not only impacts the organisation as a whole but also personally affects the individuals within. How those individuals perceive and participate in the change will have a significant impact on the success of the transition, and the overall organisational culture.

Watch this webinar to listen to Lisa Goddard from UFCU explain how they utilised Interact technology to develop and reinforce a collaborative culture, supporting connections and communication through their new intranet, “UFCU Connect.”

In this webinar we explore

  • Used the intranet to bring the team together while bringing clarity to the transformation
  • Used team spaces for workflow management and document collaboration
  • Kept team members informed and supported through every step of the process
  • Integrated internal events and campaigns on their intranet
  • Designed for enhanced user experience and measured employee engagement
  • And more…

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