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Intranet business case power hour

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You’ve established the need for a new intranet. Your current solution is dated, and your users are no longer going there to get work done. Or perhaps an intranet project is totally new to you… It’s time to build your business case, but the prospect of this is quite daunting.

How do you gain senior management approval and endorsement, not only to sign on the dotted line, but to become advocates of your new system?

Watch our latest webinar, the ‘intranet business case power hour’, where we share insights and expertise from the industry to help you draft a truly successful business case.

In this webinar we explore

  • What’s the problem, and how do we start fixing it?
  • Evaluating objectives and benefits
  • Peeling the onion and uncovering the ROI
  • Presenting your case in a persuasive way

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