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Help! I need an intranet but is SharePoint the answer?

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We understand that when looking for a new intranet, many companies gravitate towards Microsoft SharePoint as the immediate answer.

And why not? After all, it’s from Microsoft and as part of most Office 365 subscriptions, surely it’s the best choice right? Well not always…

In this exclusive webinar, we discuss the pros and cons of embarking on a SharePoint project – cloud based or on-premise – and help you evaluate what is truly right for your business, while meeting the needs of each department too.

In this webinar we explore

  • Is SharePoint suitable as an intranet?
  • Can SharePoint in Office 365 work for your organization and will it meet the needs of all departments?
  • Aligning your business requirements and resources with what you can realistically achieve with Microsoft SharePoint
  • How to maximize the value of your digital workplace with seamless integration possibilities

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