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A powerful alternative to Sharepoint on-premise deployments; an integrated partner for SharePoint as part of Office 365

#1 SharePoint alternative

Voted the #1 SharePoint alternative

Whether you’re looking for an alternative to your on-premise SharePoint intranet as an integrated digital collaboration platform, or to optimize SharePoint as part of Office 365, Interact has a solution to meet your needs. Despite its Microsoft reputation, on-premise SharePoint software often needs lots of customization to be effective – and that gets expensive and time consuming. Unlike many SharePoint competitors, Interact removes the headache of building and implementing a successful intranet – which is why we’ve been voted as the #1 SharePoint alternative by Ragan.

“NSL chose Interact as an alternative to SharePoint after careful analysis of both the operational and financial implications of the change. The barriers SharePoint presented to us are now a thing of the past – Interact is easy to set up, easy to administer, flexible and gives users the power to collaborate. Interact has given us an intranet that exceeds our expectations.”


Interact in partnership with SharePoint in Office 365

If you operate SharePoint as your DMS as part of Office 365 in the cloud, or you’re looking to roll-out Office 365 across your business, we can help. Unlike its on-premise offering, SharePoint as part of Office 365 offers only limited customization through the purchase of 3rd party apps. Primarily a DMS solution, it lacks flexibility to be configured as an intranet solution. Interact integrates with SharePoint as part of Office 365. Now, you can benefit from the best of both worlds; a DMS using SharePoint for document storage and version control, and a feature-rich, easy-to-use and quick to deploy intelligent social intranet, proven to drive company-wide communications and collaboration.

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Since our launch, Interact has made it our mission to provide a legitimate alternative to SharePoint on premise. Our powerful intranet software doesn’t require sophisticated technical skills to deploy and use. Our solution is effortless to deploy, simple to maintain, and contains a host of genuinely useful features that can be up and running from day one. Most important of all, we integrate seamlessly with the Office 365 suite, including SharePoint in the cloud, so you get all the benefits in one centralized workspace. Discover more about your options with our free guide.

By choosing to deploy Interact, March of Dimes has been able to retire a SharePoint-based digital asset management system, helping the organization achieve annual cost savings of $10,000. With intuitive tools for content management, March of Dimes has also been able to reduce staffing costs for intranet management by around 65%.

Geoff Garcia

Intranet Director

March of Dimes

Is SharePoint your only option for Office 365?

Our free guide investigates how SharePoint and Yammer stack up, and how Interact offers the real value in social intranets. Interact offers easy-to-use, out-of-the-box software, which effectively integrates with critical business tools and has a proven track record of customer success.


Interact offers a customizable out-of-the-box social intranet platform with broad collaboration capabilities, as well as substantial support for process modelling.

Built with intelligence at the very heart of the software, your intranet learns as your employees use it, giving them a tailored experience.

  • Out-of-the box customizable intranet solution
  • Ideal for small and large organizations
  • Built with non-IT pros in mind

SharePoint on-premise can be configured to run Intranet, Extranet and Internet sites. SharePoint as part of Office 365 offers only limited customization through the purchase of 3rd party apps.

Crucially neither is a dedicated intranet platform. SharePoint on-premise is a development platform designed for multiple purposes; SharePoint in Office 365 is primarily an enterprise document management system.

  • Designed as an Enterprise Document Management portal
  • Ideal for large enterprises
  • On-premise solutions require extensive custom development and IT support
  • Office 365 solutions have limited flexibility for customization
Quick to deploy
Mobile-first responsive design
Intelligent content suggestions and user profiling
Designed for communicators, not IT
Advanced enterprise search and analytics
Intranet benchmarking
Simple @mentioning of content

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