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Technical Consulting

Shaping your digital workplace

Ensure your intranet works with your existing technology

Getting your intranet to work securely and seamlessly alongside your existing technology is key to its success. Our teams of experienced technical consultants are on hand to help. We'll partner with your technical teams to answer any questions and create a simple, industry-standard solution to meet your needs.

Integration with your technology stack

If you have existing tools and platforms in your organization that need to work with your intranet, our consultants will support you to ensure everything comes together smoothly. We can help configure those all-important connections and troubleshoot any challenges.

Peace of mind

The security of your intranet and data is extremely important to us. Our consultants have experience working with hundreds of organizations across different sectors, delivering industry-leading cloud security. We can answer any questions and ensure your intranet meets the high standards you expect.

Intranet build services

If you need some extra help to get everything in place before your launch date, our team are on hand. We can support you in building out your site to your agreed structure, setting up users and permissions, populating content and configuring your homepages.

Essential intranet guide

A must-have guide for every stage of your intranet journey.

Download our free guide and learn how to get the most from your intranet; whether you're looking to make improvements to your existing platform, or you're planning a new project.

Free intranet guide

Plan & deploy a successful intranet with our most popular guide

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