We offer our product in the cloud or on premise. Whichever option you go for, Interact will act as part of your technical team to ensure the success of your intranet deployment.

Your intranet hosted in the cloud

A cloud-based intranet gives you the ability to rapidly scale when there is peak load and can be used to quickly expand into new regions with limited upfront investment. It also gives you the flexibility to drive new and innovative ways of working.

Deploying your intranet in the cloud is quick and simple so you can get up and running fast, and because we partner with Amazon Web Services and Rackspace you can be guaranteed over 99% uptime and maximum reliability.

On-premise installation

As fast as flexible as it is, cloud hosting isn’t the right choice for every organisation. Should you choose to host your intranet on-premise, Interact’s team of highly-skilled engineers and system architects will work with your IT team to ensure a smooth and efficient intranet deployment.

During the key implementation stages we advise you through the process, covering the following areas:


  • Run through the installation from a technical point of view
  • Review environment set-up, installation and user management and advise on any queries
  • Capture exceptions such as disaster recovery, DMZ requirements, required data imports, VPN configurations, SSL, OS management, and IIS management. Some of these may carry an additional charge to set-up and configure


  • Run through the installation
  • Provide resolution/advise on any outcomes

Post- installation/pre-go live

  • Review configuration of application
  • Undertake performance tests
  • Provide resolution/advise on any outcomes

Contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail, and to determine the best hosting option for you.