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Where does your intranet software fit in your ICT Strategy?

The Coalition Government recently published its long awaited ICT Strategy – with a clear focus on eliminating incompatible, ineffective and duplicate IT systems from the public sector. The plans are clearly designed to challenge the increasingly flawed name that ICT has with the public, particularly the botched projects that have cost taxpayers more than £26bn

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Importance of having reasons to collaborate online

Being able to demonstrate the purpose and benefits of online collaboration will help people choose to adopt newer, faster, ways of working. If we design and build our intranets around our company’s objectives we’ll be able to establish that the intranet supports the business. Demonstrating the purpose of the content, widgets, features and functions of

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Enterprise 2.0 Conference – Day two summary

The keynotes at Enterprise 2.0 were outstanding on day two.  The day was kick started by Lee Bryant (@leebryant) from Headshift.  His talk titled data driven business improvement gave a real insight into how open data in the enterprise can drive positive behaviour change – see his slides here in Lee Byant’s blog following the talk: