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5 ways gamification could transform your internal comms

Is gamification just the latest ‘fad’, or can it deliver real value for business?  Gamification is a rising buzzword and trend in business. Though it’s been on the scene since 2010, gamification has matured and evolved. New and exciting ways to interact with our content are being introduced every day. Internal communicators also face more

online brand

How to design a great online brand – starting with your employees

A company’s brand is so much more than a fancy logo or a wacky color scheme. At its heart, great branding is about relationships – both with your customers and your employees. A business is only as creative, innovative and inspiring as the people behind it, driving the engine. They can reinforce your mission and

cultural hiring

The Perfect Fit: Company Culture and Hiring Likeminded Candidates Increases Retention Rates

Employee retention has been a problem facing employers for centuries. High employee turnover rates cost businesses money and time. HR managers agree that replacing an employee costs at least half of that employee’s annual earnings. Many guides on improving retention rates focus on benefits designed to improve the employee experience, such as paid gym time, child care

employee morale

Employee morale is a year-round priority

The clocks have gone forward. The nights are lighter. Q1 is over, taking ‘high turnover January’ with it, and business is doing well. Generally, your employees seem happier and motivated, so improving staff morale isn’t a current high priority for you…right? Wrong. Engaging employees and boosting morale is a constant challenge and implementing a strategy