Trends and Troubles: Evaluating the Digital Workplace

Last month, Interact hosted an exclusive webinar discussing the relevance of intranets in today’s digital workplace. We uncovered some surprising statistics based on live polls throughout, and answered the all important question of the webinar, ‘Intranets, are they still relevant?’, with an astounding 100% of 100+ attendees answering yes, and providing some feedback on the types of tools they would prefer to work with.

trends troubles workplace

So just what makes an essential and relevant intranet in businesses today? And what lies in store for the future of the digital workplace?

This webinar examines:

  • How the changing role of Internal Communications has shaped the modern day digital workplace
  • The evolution of the digital workplace – revisiting the intranet timeline and predicting future trends
  • Analysing the crowded social tech space and ways you can establish the best tools for you
  • Top tips for creating and maintaining a truly essential social intranet in your business

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