The intranet business case struggle: How to prove an ROI!

Why do you need to prepare a business case for your intranet project? Because you are proactive in identifying your business’ pain points and objectives, along with a strategic solution. Establishing a business case that not only convinces upper management but turns them into champions of intranet engagement can be a daunting task. What elements go into building a successful intranet business case?

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Download this exclusive webinar with Daren Jennings, VP at Interact, where we outline the important elements of a business case.

This webinar offers the information to plan and structure your business case while learning from one of the top minds in the intranet industry. We will cover key points, including:

• What pain points does your business face, and what objectives would you like to meet?
• What are your potential solutions, and what will be the business impact of each one?
• The four building blocks of intranet ROI
• How do you present your business case to not only get it approved, but make senior management excited about your intranet project?

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