Improving Employee Engagement and Productivity Through Intranet Personas

"Three quarters of every workforce is disengaged." This is a frightening statistic in an environment where your employees are the linchpin to the overall success of your business. Whilst statistics like this aren’t new to us, we are still seeing a rise in Internal Communicators and HR practitioners fighting the ongoing employee engagement battle and looking for new ways to be that company people want to work for.

Many organisations have implemented new systems or are making those important business decisions on creating new platforms that will improve the way their employees work and ultimately change their working lives for the better. However, as fresh, relevant content becomes more available on the web in their personal lives, employees begin to crave the same experience in the workplace.

This webinar will show you how you can create personas to represent the different user groups within your organisation so that you can deliver a customised intranet that your employees will want to use. Steve Osborne, Lead Strategist and Haydn Smith, Senior Intranet Consultant at Interact explore:

  • What personas are and the importance of introducing them to your internal comms strategy
  • How having a user-centric intranet can help build trust
  • Ways to keep employees engaged and ultimately increase profitability
  • Utilising personas effectively, ensuring your users only see relevant content

A truly employee-centric organisation uses personas successfully to improve employee engagement and productivity. If you want to find out more, view this webinar.

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