Planning and Deploying a Successful Intranet

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Charged with rolling out a new intranet project for your healthcare organisation? Choosing an intranet platform that will comply with business requirements yet deliver a secure and user-friendly solution for your clinical and administrative staff requires careful planning and diligence to ensure success.

Our free intranet guide outlines how a collaborative intranet system can meet requirements of your organisation’s Communicators, whilst securely integrating with mission critical systems and applications.

This 52-page guide will help you:

  • Plan, structure and manage your intranet
  • Identify key features and functionality to meet your business requirements, such as unified identity management or DMS integration
  • Determine your intranet project team and resource requirements
  • Understand how a user-friendly solution can reduce the IT burden and increase adoption
  • Measure and present intranet ROI

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