Work-life balance: How do you ensure your business gets it right?

27% of employees will leave their job within 2 years if employers don’t address work-life balance concerns

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Work-life balance now ranks as one of the top priorities for the growing Millennial generation and studies show that it has tremendous implications for mental and physical health. As a result, what used to be the responsibility of the individual is now being demanded of employers as a must-have perk; and organizations are trying more and more creative means to achieve this optimal balance.

Our latest eBook explores the ways in which employers can offer and support flexible work options that will drive employee engagement, retention and well-being without sacrificing productivity and revenue growth. We also discuss the ways in which an ideal work-life balance can have a positive impact on:

  •  Increased productivity and profitability
  •  Improved employee engagement
  •  Lower staff turnover
  •  Decrease in workplace incidences / errors
  •  Greater innovation and creativity

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