Interact, SharePoint and Office 365 integration - Free Guide

Is your organization moving to Office 365 and considering SharePoint for your intranet? Or are you in the planning phase of a SharePoint on-premise project?

Before you decide on SharePoint for either situation, make sure you read this guide to make an informed decision on what intranet is right for your business.

Interact VS Sharepoint ThumbNail

SharePoint in its cloud form is a great DMS, however is limited in social and collaboration features favored by communicators. Often it is selected by IT because of its inclusion in Office 365, but will this alone meet the needs of the wider business?

Additionally, SharePoint on-premise still holds all of the traditional challenges associated with hidden and escalating costs, the need for significant customization and ongoing IT involvement.

In this guide we explore the continued way that Interact serves as a key alternative to SharePoint by:

  • Seamlessly integrating with SharePoint to allow for full social, collaboration and communication functionality alongside intelligent search of SharePoint DMS
  • Being simple to implement and use, reducing costs and IT involvement
  • Being a critical SharePoint alternative for on-premise deployments

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