The no. 1 intranet software choice for Housing Associations

The no. 1 intranet software choice for Housing Associations

The housing association sector is gearing up for transformation. Whether you're a single housing association or part of a larger group, good internal communication and collaboration tools are crucial to providing outstanding customer service to tenants. It is not an optional extra but is fundamental to all your work.

As the number one choice of out-of-the-box intranet software for housing associations, at Interact we understand what it takes to implement and manage a successful intranet, offering hundreds of tools and features to help your staff communicate, collaborate and get work done quickly - wherever they are.

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One central place for all housing policies and procedures

Quick access to accurate information is essential in an industry as heavily regulated as Social Housing. Offering a host of document and content management features - including integration with cloud storage providers, the ability to assign content owners and set review dates - coupled with intelligent search, collaboration and communication features, Interact makes your intranet is the ultimate go-to place to get work done.

Mandatory Read and Version Control in Interact provide you with a simple but effective way of keeping an audit trail, ensuring key policies and procedures are read and understood, and your Housing Association remains compliant.

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Reducing operational costs

It’s vital that your operations are as lean as possible so that your money and time can be invested in front-line services. Interact is an affordable solution that can help reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies, and increase productivity. Whether it’s bringing paper-based forms online to reduce associated inefficiencies and costs, or making staff more productive by reducing time to locate information, Interact has a host of features to help your Housing Association work smarter.

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The number 1 choice for Social Housing intranet software

Interact provide intranet software to over 80 housing associations worldwide making us the number 1 provider of social housing intranet software in the world.

It’s been a privilege working with the helpful and supportive team at Interact. They were friendly, fast and efficient, delivering our brief on time, within budget. From conception to completion of the intranet, their advice on what would work best for us was always smart and insightful.

Mark Brooks

Communication and Marketing Officer

Staffordshire Housing Association

How Glasgow Housing achieved social change

Glasgow Housing Association achieved complete social change through their intranet within a year of its launch. Learn how they managed to shift their organisation’s behaviour from top down communications, to encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing to solve real business problems.

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Connecting your diverse and dispersed workforce

Your intranet needs to meet the requirements of the varied roles within your Housing Association. Interact is fully responsive so whether it’s office-based staff, or care workers, rent managers and community teams on the frontline, your intranet can be accessed quickly from anywhere on any device. And through Interact’s unique intelligence, relevant information is pushed to users, so key content is never missed no matter how busy you are.

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Social tools for social housing

Improve staff engagement by giving them the tools they need to share best practice, solve problems and improve working practices. Encouraging your staff to collaborate through Blogs, commenting, Forums and Teams, regardless of location or seniority, can bring huge benefits to social housing organisations. Interact's housing customers have seen improved staff retention, faster problem solving, reduction in email traffic and a decrease in customer complaints.

Reduce the strain on IT and internal email systems

Interact is an easy-to-use intranet that can be managed by non-technical staff. Interact’s CMS and widget-based Homepages make adding and updating content simple and straightforward, meaning your staff are empowered to keep the intranet relevant and a place users will keep coming back to. Engaging in discussions via the intranet rather than over e-mail reduces the strain on inboxes and makes information available for everyone to access.

Since implementing Interact Intranet, Affinity Sutton's IT department have saved £75,000 and the HR department have seen general enquiries reduce by 50%. Staff communication and collaboration has been transformed using Enterprise 2.0 tools including blogging, micro-blogging and discussion forums.

Jo Warburton

Internal Communications Manager

Affinity Sutton

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