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Intelligent intranets: critical to the success of your nonprofit mission

Accomplish more by giving your employees, volunteers, and affiliates a platform to communicate and collaborate across multiple locations with Interact's intranet software. Additionally, Interact offers a discount to all nonprofits, ensuring that your funding is used to drive your mission.

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Ease of use is the name of the game

Interact offers an out of the box intranet solution. No technical or coding skills are required to build an effective hub that drives your digital workplace. Interact is simple to implement, maintain, and use, which promotes worker adoption and minimizes IT upkeep. With Interact taking care of all your updates and troubleshooting, IT can focus on more pressing issues rather than managing your intranet.

We want your funding and efforts to go toward the causes you champion, so our tools deliver the strongest results with the least overhead from you.

Stay transparent and engaging

Workers are your nonprofit’s lifeblood – without them the organization couldn’t exist, and they are likely there because the work is their passion. How do you keep your workers engaged in the mission and confident in your organization?

Transparency is key. Communications from the President or Executive Director show workers that everyone is fighting the same fight, as well as keeping them abreast of all the latest organizational developments. Share news, from funding to important legislation. Interact also lets employees give one another rewards based on a job well done. What better way to show your appreciation?

Interact was the right solution for us. It's helping us integrate our work, break down silos and use our resources more efficiently.




document sharing and forums

Don’t let borders separate you

Use document sharing and forums to ensure seamless collaboration among distributed workers and volunteers. Connecting workers in different field locations, and even across continents, has been a challenge for nonprofits as long as the industry has existed.

Interact gives every worker access to the knowledge and resources they need, and it creates partnerships among members of the organization that were previously impossible. Responsive design makes Interact look the way you intended it to, regardless of device. There is even a translation tool for teams that communicate in different languages.

People and Volunteer example

People and Volunteer Finder

Who is based in our U.S. office and can speak Spanish?

Does anyone in the U.K. have fundraising experience?

Interact’s powerful People & Volunteer Finder makes it incredibly easy to find people and volunteers by expertise and interests no matter where they’re based.

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Team Sites

With many projects happening concurrently, it helps to organize your intranet by team or project. Writing a grant proposal? Looking for funding?

Easily find where all the documents related to your tasks live in one place.

Onboard intranet homepage

Employee and Volunteer Onboarding

Nonprofit organizations are often faced with the problem of efficiently onboarding new volunteers and employees, and with globally dispersed teams this can be a real challenge.

Interact’s powerful Homepage Management allows you to quickly build onboarding homepages for different audience types to ensure people are getting up to speed as quickly as possible.

Make Interact a part of your team

With a decade of delivering intranets to nonprofits, we know the biggest pain points across the industry. We listen to you and work to make your organization run the way you envision.

Interact is an intelligent intranet. Your platform will learn from user behavior and searches to ensure that relevant content is always easily displayed to your team. Save time and effort by ensuring that everyone has the information and tools they need at their fingertips.

Our intranet is an important resource for staff. Whether working from our National Office, a field location, or hospital, it helps staff stay connected to the Foundation.

Geoff Garcia

Intranet Director

March of Dimes

The number 1 choice for Nonprofit intranet software

Interact provides intranet software to over 30 nonprofits worldwide, making us a trusted name in nonprofit intranets. Additionally, because we offer a discount to all nonprofits, Interact is one of the most affordable intranet solutions on the market.