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What drives us most at Interact is our vibrant and enthusiastic community of users. They’re the ones who ultimately make our intranets successful, not only through their hard work in implementing successful strategies to engage their employees but by allowing us to see how our intranets perform on the ground and providing valuable feedback. It’s this collaboration with our users that has underpinned every advancement in our latest upgrade. Through extensive usability studies and analysis of feedback by our product management team, we’ve developed a variety of tools to support ease of use and customer experience: making your success our priority.

Reach further with your content

As a platform designed to drive engagement and collaboration, it’s important your intranet is accessible and encourages all users to contribute: not just your administrators. We’ve responded by giving Interact’s Composer a new look. Users can now create pages with even less effort and our powerful new Discoverability Score will help you understand and optimize the power of your content, ensuring it’s read by the people you intended. Using Interact’s unique Intelligence Engine, the new Composer takes into consideration factors such as keywords assigned to your page, what categories you associate with your content and the title you create before giving you a score to show how easily users will find your page.

With the understanding of how to make your content work better for you, you can make the changes needed to optimize your intranet as a whole: enabling it to learn from your behaviors and become more astute to your users’ needs. To keep things fresh, you can now select a date range for the recommended content that appears on your pages. This will ensure content remains up to date and relevant, removing the dead weight of outdated or incorrect information that can damage the value of your intranet to its users.

See when and where your users are active

Usage analytics not only help you to understand how users are engaging with your intranet, they ensure you are continually benchmarking and improving. Responding to your feedback, Interact Analytics now includes a report to detect mobile devices upon login. This follows a recent report in which Gartner estimated that by 2018, more than 50% of users will use a smart phone or tablet as their default for online activities. By providing insight into the usage trends of your users, Interact Analytics will provide the evidence you need to tailor your homepages for different devices, utilizing the responsive capabilities of our widgets to ensure your users are seeing what you want them to see. Our analytics functionality will put you ahead of the curve when it comes to driving engagement and collaboration: helping you track changing patterns and remain competitive in an increasingly mobile business market.

One central hub for collaboration

Organizations now utilize a range of digital tools to satisfy their business functions and processes. While the app revolution has undoubtedly made our lives easier, our community tell us that clutter from multiple logins and profiles can slow users down, making it difficult to manage and share knowledge.

Interact now allows you to sync users from third party business applications into your intranet, populating profiles from multiple sources. You can also extend your synced Active Directory fields with the new Profile Sourcing Feature. This links with third party applications you use within your business, for example Salesforce, WorkDay or SelectHR, and uses data held on those platforms to populate more fields on your user profiles. We understand that your organization chooses the best tools to make you successful, so we’re helping you ensure they all work in concert by providing an adaptable digital workspace to serve as the central hub for your collaboration.

Create, assign and manage tasks across multiple locations

For organizations operating across disperse locations in line with a central message, it’s important to ensure consistency and often roll-out new initiatives in a timely manner according to central guidelines. We’ve listened to the challenges faced by many of our customers and responded with our new Activity Manager. For our customers in the retail sector in particular, this is a powerful new application designed to match requests raised during feedback.

With this tool, users can assign activities to individuals or groups across their organization, giving tasks a priority, deadline and putting in place verification checks to ensure delivery. For example, a retailer with multiple regional branches may need to get a new sale initiative rolled out. Activity Manager will empower you with a top-down tool to ensure every individual branch changes over marketing collateral, adjusts pricing and has Manager sign-off before you go live. In an increasingly globalized business marketplace, we’re continually looking for new ways to work in partnership with our community to aid collaboration.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

What’s more, we’re increasing our cloud storage to unlimited for all customers, helping to futureproof your intranet. Allow access to your documents from any device, regardless of time or location, giving your users the flexibility to work as it suits them. With no barriers to the amount of information you can store, you can be confident that all your collateral is in one place and with version control, your users are viewing and editing only the latest copies. Enhanced security and back-up capabilities ensure your data is safe and readily accessible, improving efficiency and offering complete peace of mind.

These are some exciting new features! Can't wait to try them all out. Thank you Interact for continuing to make your intranet software even more awesome!

Kara Masharani

Web Manager

Houston Zoo

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