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interact teams

Intranet software that breaks down silos

Interact Teams breaks down company silos and simplifies group collaboration by providing a single platform for communities of common interest, regardless of location or traditional department structures.

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Power to your people

Whether project, social or hobby related, Interact Teams is a place your employees can go to create and engage in their own communities in just a few clicks – incredibly important in creating a sense of ownership and encouraging employee participation with your intranet.

intranet teams

One place for group collaboration

Bring projects into the intranet by giving your employees a simple but effective place for group collaboration. Interact Teams can be used to create multiple communities of common interest, which is ideal for transient or cross-departmental projects.

interact intranet teams

Improve Employee Collaboration

Our free guide on Improving Employee Collaboration is packed full of helpful advice on ways you can maximise knowledge sharing and productivity amongst your employees. Including tips on how to align collaboration to business objectives, overcoming engagement barriers, and how to best select the right blend of tools for your users, this guide can help you transform the way your business works.

reduce duplication of effort

Break out of the inbox

Move critical knowledge from individuals’ email inboxes and desktops and store it within a shared team area. Because the team area can be accessed by multiple users for future reference, duplication of effort is reduced and the findability of information increased.

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