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Unlock your organisation's collective intelligence

Make your intranet the go-to place for employees to collaborate. Using Interact’s social and collaboration features you can connect your business to your employees, your employees to the information they need, and your employees to each other.

Interact Forums

Make it simple for employees to communicate, collaborate and share ideas across your organisation with Interact Forums. The different Forum types - Discussion Forums, Ideas List, Ideas Board and Questions – are designed for different needs, giving you more ways of tapping into employees’ knowledge, expertise and ideas. Each Forum contains a multitude of social features that actively encourage participation.

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Interact Teams

Interact Teams breaks down company silos and simplify group collaboration by providing a single platform for communities of common interest, regardless of location or even traditional department structures. Whether project, social or hobby related, Interact Teams is a place your employees can go to create and engage in their own communities in just a few clicks.

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Improve Employee Collaboration

Our free guide on Improving Employee Collaboration is packed full of helpful advice on ways you can maximise knowledge sharing and productivity amongst your employees. Including tips on how to align collaboration to business objectives, overcoming engagement barriers, and how to best select the right blend of tools for your users, this guide can help you transform the way your business works.

Intranet software for your social business

Interact’s social intranet tools make purposeful collaboration easy for users of any age and experience, removing the traditional barriers of familiarity, time zone and technology. The simplicity of the tools make it easy for even the most reluctant users to get involved.

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People Directory

The Interact People Directory sits at the heart of your social intranet, helping employees locate co-workers by name, department or area of expertise, with ease. Use the People Directory to find the people you need, then quickly access the information and touch points you need to connect and collaborate.

intranet people directory

Interact Answers

When a user has a question that hasn't already been answered elsewhere on your intranet, Interact will search users' profiles and display a list of those best placed to give an accurate and swift response. And because that information is stored online, it's available the next time someone has a similar query, reducing repetitive questions, and helping you to build a more informed and collaborative workforce.

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Version Control

Version Control within Interact is a powerful tool for those needing an integrated audit trail and rollback on important documents. It comes equipped with the ability to lock documents while a single person edits it, making documents compliant, control effortless, and collaboration easy.

CMS Version Control

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