Medvivo partners with Interact to develop intranet communications strategy and engage dispersed employees

Medvivo provides Wiltshire’s GP Out of Hours service, as well as a range of other health and care services. The main office is based in Chippenham, with services operated from bases across the whole of Wiltshire alongside offices in Dorchester and Bexley. Services run 24/7, 365 days a year, with employees working full time and part time to cover shifts as well as sessional clinical staff.

Location and a shift-based workforce therefore provide two significant challenges for Medvivo to overcome when ensuring effective communication across its workforce.

For the past six months, Medvivo has been working with Interact to transform how the business communicates. Medvivo wanted to re-launch its intranet, making it much more than a document repository. As a provider of health and care services, ensuring access to vital resources was paramount; but so was employee engagement and communication. The new intranet, webvivo, will become the place for everyone at Medvivo to “connect, collaborate and communicate.

Simon Lucas, Medvivo’s Chief Information Officer, comments: “With having such a varied workforce and an extensive library of resources, we wanted to launch the new intranet with a plan in mind to get everyone on board and showcase the full functionality the new site had to offer.”

Working closely with Interact’s Project Management Team, Medvivo was able to focus on creating an intranet strategy that would deliver on its vision and build a structure that would have everyone engaged from launch.

Tom Kharchi at Interact said: “The governance meeting we had with Medvivo was pivotal in developing their intranet strategy. From there, getting the technology and structure in place was straightforward. It was great to see the site evolve as ideas came to fruition and the intranet came to life.”

Webvivo has been live for two months and Medvivo has adopted a number of useful techniques to ensure the new intranet successfully started to build staff engagement, including:

  • Publishing “how to” videos
    Although the new site is intuitive enough to not require any training, a quick overview of the key features for launch was helpful. This also provided the opportunity for sharing useful tips to help users get the most out of the intranet.
  • Nominating champions or intranet advocates
    A number of user testers recruited prior to launch helped generate content and engagement on the site in advance. This was then extended to a wider group so that at launch, there were a large circle of existing users in place ready and willing to get involved. This helped encourage other users to get on board.
  • Planning monthly or bi-monthly campaigns
    In addition to general business news, updates or resources being added to the site, internal communications campaigns were planned to keep driving traffic to the intranet. Whether this is joining in with existing national awareness campaigns, or creating new ones, these activities encourage staff engagement on a different level to business as usual.
  • Using features such as quizzes and polls
    New pages were brought to life by incorporating a quiz or poll relating to its content. This has been a great way to demonstrate that what has been published is understood, and will continue to be appropriately applied in the work environment.
  • Sharing and engaging daily
    Leading by example, previously recruited testers continued to be engaged post go-live and cascaded this down to their colleagues. As more and more people start to use the intranet, daily sharing and engagement ensures everyone benefits.

Simon continues: “We really liked the social interaction functionality that Interact provided with the new intranet. Most people have engaged socially on one network or another, so we wanted to use this angle to motivate staff to get online. We have been really impressed with Interact’s approach and their expert knowledge in helping us build an intranet that we are proud of.”

The digital workplace is continuing to evolve, as does the technology that supports it. This means companies like Medvivo must work hard to keep their workforce connected, regardless of their location or hours of work. With Interact, Medvivo has developed an intranet that supports an effective and productive workplace while encouraging a socially connected workforce.

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About Medvivo

Medvivo is a provider of integrated care services which include many years’ experience delivering Out of Hours GP services, as well as providing a single point of access and crisis response services using a wide range of technology enabled care solutions (TECs).

For further information about Medvivo please visit, or contact Sarah Sexton, Business Communications Manager, on 0800 6444200 or email

About Interact

Interact is a global enterprise software company that serves intranet software to over one million users across more than 750 organisations. Interact specialises in solving internal communication and collaboration challenges by combining their sophisticated intranet software with outstanding professional services, focusing on developing long-term strategic partnerships with their customers.

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