Kantar Health choose Interact to unite global workforce

28th March 2011 – With offices throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, Kantar Health wanted a solution which would rise to the challenge of uniting globally scattered experts. Interact Intranet’s fully searchable people directory enables users to quickly locate colleagues using a variety of search criteria including skills and expertise making their knowledge and experience easily available to those who need it. A variety of enterprise networking tools creates a ‘virtual watercooler’ helping employees to bond and build communities.

Mary Sobiechowski, Chief Information Officer at Kantar Health and an expert in social networking, reports that Interact Intranet provides the organisation with the ideal platform to share collective wisdom and highly specialised knowledge.

“Interact Intranet helps us build collaborative teams and establish a knowledge sharing community by facilitating information flow. It encourages user participation by bringing together a variety of advanced networking features in one easy to use package”

In addition to the advanced communication and collaboration features, Interact Intranet provides Kantar with a solution which improves productivity and efficiency, provides reporting and business intelligence features and is easy to manage and administer.

About Interact Intranet

Interact Intranet is intelligent intranet software created by Interact. The flexible and scalable solution has more than 250,000 users and has revolutionised the way companies communicate, collaborate, share knowledge, and streamline internal processes. It has a unique Intelligence Store which logs information such as browsing routes, search entries, document ratings and hits and uses this information to promote content to users. Interact Intranet promotes a culture of collaboration and idea sharing by using corporate social networking and micro blogs. Non-technical users can quickly and easily update the intranet.

About Interact

Founded in 1996 with headquarters in the UK, Interact operates globally and is one of the fastest growing intranet software and web development companies. With well over a decade of experience Interact has the company has built a strong reputation of delivering successful and collaborative intranet solutions to leading companies.
About Kantar Health

As experts in pharmaceutical and biotechnology consulting and market research, Kantar Health offers unique insights and products that deliver proven results for marketing insights, brand marketing, business development and health economics and outcomes professionals, including:

  • The greatest breadth and depth of epidemiology information in the world, spanning patient-reported outcomes and patient care by country, therapy area, specialist – or whatever combination of data you require
  • Unmatched experience in the complex oncology market that encompasses business development, clinical management, emerging technologies, marketing and sales, payers and providers, reimbursement and strategic and product planning
  • A unique global source of KOLs for multiple therapy areas

Kantar Health’s team combines doctorate-level scientific expertise with strong business know-how, ensuring that solutions are both evidence-based and commercially focused. By uniting industry leaders MattsonJack, TNS Healthcare, Consumer Health Sciences and Ziment, we offer a wide range of expertise in emerging as well as established markets, spanning the product life cycle from product portfolio management to licensing, market access to brand and reputation management, detailing to clinical research, patient outcomes and sales force effectiveness to health and safety. And as part of WPP, the largest marketing agency in the world, Kantar Health can leverage the power of the global group with shared offline and online research methodologies but remain culturally specific and nimble. Kantar Health focuses on getting you the best return.

Contact Information
For more information on Kantar Health, please contact Paula Paradise, Vice President of Global Marketing, at paula.paradise@kantarhealth.com or +1-484-442-1431.