Interact intranet remains first choice for Housing Intranets

Interact today announced that it has reached a key milestone of over 25,000 registered users of Interact Housing Edition and continues to lead the market in providing out-of-the-box housing intranet software to UK housing associations.

Since it was first launched in 2005, Interact housing edition has grown to become the most widely used intranet solution for social housing organisations. The software is regularly updated with new functionality and features and the latest release, Interact 4, includes a host of Enterprise 2.0 collaboration technologies that increase productivity,efficiency and knowledge sharing to improve overall service delivery.

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There are now over 80 housing associations reaping the benefits of Interact. Recent housing intranet clients include One Housing Group, Bron Afon Housing Association, Gentoo, Trent & Dove Housing, Phoenix Community Housing, MHS Homes, Selwood Housing, Midland Heart, Warrington Housing Association and Estuary Housing Association. This rapidly expanding and loyal client base is evidence of Interact’s reputation as the best intranet solution for housing associations.

Commenting on Interact, Mike Yarde, Director of IMS at Affinity Sutton said:

“We were impressed with the look and feel of this ‘off the shelf’ product, and the ease to set it up to produce a comprehensive intranet for our complex Group. Fast and reliable access to information is important to everyone in the Group and helps us to provide great service to all our residents.”

Housing associations are moving to Interact from legacy CMS systems, other off-the-shelf Intranet solutions and SharePoint. The main reason for housing organisations to switch to Interact is because it provides a user-focussed and flexible solution. Its ease of use and intuitive interface makes migrating users from other, more complex platforms simple and straightforward.

Nigel Danson, MD of Interact, commented,

“We are delighted with the success of Interact which has always maintained a strong presence in the housing sector. Its ease of use, flexibility and continuous quality improvement for improved user experience, together with ongoing development to ensure that new features are regularly introduced, is the basis for this success.

Many organisations become frustrated by complex and outdated software that requires technical knowledge. Intranet Managers want to be able to provide users with tools that have a familiar look and feel to ones they use on the web. Interact’s ease of use is a primary advantage over other alternatives and makes it the natural choice.”

Designed to help Housing Associations improve productivity and service delivery and promote best practice throughout the organisation, Interact 4 comes with over 100 powerful standard features for building housing intranets. Interact’s API enables development of bespoke applications easily within the Interact framework.

Key features of the core Housing Edition intranet include:

  • Tenant Support Desk
  • Blogging tool
  • Best practice sharing forum
  • Tenant action group calendar
  • DDA ‘AA’ Compliant – the only RNIB approved intranet software
  • Board member extranet
  • KPI management reporting
  • Audit inspection document cataloguing

As part of our technology partner initiative we also have developed an application for Interact that links with the Clearview Systems performance management application and Mitel. The Interact-Clearview module has been developed to provide clear and transparent dynamic dashboards, which can be customised to meet the needs of individual users or groups of users, displaying real time performance information directly on intranet pages and act as a portal into the Clearview software.

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