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Mobile intranet

Your intranet available on any device, at any time

Access to your organization from anywhere

Connect your workforce regardless of how and where they work. With Interact's responsive intranet design and powerful native mobile apps for iOS and Android, your employees can access critical business information, connect with co-workers and receive key communications, from any device.

Like your employees, each homepage is different

Tailor your employees' homepage feeds by customizing the content displayed on your mobile app for different employee groups. By personalizing the user experience, you can ensure you're pushing the right information to the right people.

Authenticate at a glance

Make accessing your intranet app even easier by enabling login with Touch and FaceID. By improving the speed and ease with which employees can access the app, you can boost uptake and engagement with your intranet.

Intelligent search finds what you need

Interact's Enterprise Search gives instant access to vital content stored on your intranet. Best Bets directs users to pages ranked most likely to help, while users can favorite key pages to ensure instant access to information they need on-the-go.

Connect with every employee

Bring your people together, no matter where and how they work. To locate the people needed, users can search a variety of criteria including expertise, location and role, then call or message them directly using the app.

Great user experience on any device

Give your employees easy access to your intranet, no matter what their device. Interact offers a fully responsive design alongside native apps for iOS and Android for an enhanced user experience on-the-go.

Make your app your own

Personalize the Interact app to align to your organization's brand. This tailored experience delivers higher levels of engagement, helping to get all employees - especially those that are hard-to-reach - downloading and using your business's intranet.

No barriers communication

Ensure important communications are never missed, no matter where your workforce is operating. With Interact Broadcasts, send messages from your intranet and your employees can receive them in a number of ways: via SMS; push notifications through the Interact app; a display banner on the mobile intranet; or block users from visiting any areas on the intranet until they've acknowledged the message.

Manage control and access, securely

Interact's mobile app for iOS and Android is enterprise ready and designed to work with Mobile Device Management (MDM) providers.

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