How to effectively communicate change in your organization

The healthcare industry is poised for big changes – how will your organization adapt for success?

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66% of healthcare organizations plan to enter into a strategic partnership in the next year, and a further 27% are planning a domestic merger and acquisition.

That’s a lot of new employees to onboard and train, and it’s an enormous amount of paperwork for HR departments. Not to mention that healthcare is moving from a volume based system for revenue and toward a value based one. These are all important changes, and your organization will be looking to you to bring them through to the other side.

Our latest eBook reflects on an important survey of Interact’s customers about how they choose to manage change initiatives. Comparing the avenues available, we evaluate how best to maximize the success of your change communication by:

  • Avoiding sitting on critical business information or responding prematurely
  • Providing employees with the knowledge and capabilities they’ll need to successfully adapt
  • Adopting a multi-faceted approach across multiple channels to promote transparency and effective communication

Guard against the dangers of poor change communication and its repercussions on your business; download the latest from our eBook series today.


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