How to Drive Transformation in the NHS Using Collaborative Technology

Essential whitepaper for NHS professionals wanting to drive transformation, improve efficiencies and connect healthcare workers for better patient care.


The NHS faces one of the greatest periods of change in its 68-year history.

Responding to reports including the Dalton Review, Carter Report and the NHS Five Year Forward Review, this in-depth whitepaper outlines the key drivers for change and gives step-by-step practical advice for IT professionals on how collaborative technology can be used to drive transformation within NHS organisations. 

The free NHS whitepaper includes over 10 years of healthcare intranet expertise.

Learn how to: 

  • Improve information security and accessibility
  • Support a ‘paperless at the point of care’ NHS
  • Streamline business process and improve operational efficiency
  • Achieve better integrated and more effective IT platforms
  • Reduce IT burden on internal platform administration

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