Enterprise social technology has erupted over the past decade. But given the sheer volume of choice available, how do you select the right solution for you?

As customers, we have the benefit of choice. However, that diversity can also become overwhelming. With each provider claiming to bring something different to the table, how do you evaluate your options and ensure you select the right solution that will bring maximum benefit to your business?

This free eBook will help you to:

  • Understand the main types of social, collaboration and productivity tools
  • Define what you’re looking for from your tool
  • Identify what features and functionality you need
  • Explore those all-important ‘USPs’ that set providers apart, including:
    – User experience or usability
    – Vendor stability, reputation, and innovation
    – Accessibility and storage
    – Security
    – Design and branding
    – Integration with your existing technology stack
    – Support and services

Don’t risk low adoption, lack of engagement or project failure by selecting a tool that doesn’t match your company vision and needs. Download your free copy of ‘Which collaboration tool is right for your business?’ today.