Creating an intranet that will not only deliver business value but inspire, informs, and engages your users is the ultimate goal for any intranet project. So, what sets an award-winning intranet apart from the competition?

This free guide includes 19 customer examples who have been recognized at the Interact Intranet Excellence Awards or the Ragan Employee Communication Awards.

Read their stories for ideas, inspiration, and insights into how to create an award-winning intranet and create exceptional intranet experiences for your users.

In this guide, we share the journeys of organizations who have been commended for:

  • Creative and engaging launch campaigns
  • Outstanding user-focused design
  • Commitment and leadership shown by stakeholders
  • Innovation and ingenuity in their intranet projects
  • A true intranet success story in their business
  • Intranets that have pushed functionality and design to their limits, to become truly essential elements in their organization



Interact has enabled us to get information out quickly to all of our employees across the country. It’s also helped me personally get to know our employees so much better. Our company may be 4,000-strong, but I feel like we are one, big family, because of this intranet.

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Richard Zuschlag, Chairman & CEO
Acadian Companies