We probably think we know the main benefits of an intranet: communication, accessing information, finding colleagues. The classics.

The truth is, an intranet can go further and do more than many of us realize. Whether you’re considering your first ever platform or you have a fully embedded intranet already within your organization, there are potential uses and returns you may not even have thought of.

In this exclusive guide, we explore the many ways an intranet can deliver tangible return for your business: with the help and ingenuity of some of our own customers, who have taken the concept of the intranet to the next level.


  • How retailer Waterstones saved tens of thousands of pounds a year using their intranet CMS
  • A surprising way to use the Teams feature of an intranet to deliver a global training program, demonstrated by Magic Memories
  • Gains for your IT department using single sign-on and integrations, a practice adopted by SkyBet
  • Avon and Somerset Police’s unique and innovative use of a team are to enhance their emergency call handling process

…and many more.

Get buy-in from across your organization for your own project, or maximize the value and returns from your existing intranet. Download our free guide today.