Great design is a language everyone can understand.  

When it comes to your intranet, design can be the difference between a business-critical tool your users love and use, and one that is left to stagnate. It is the dividing line between adoption, and abandonment.  

It’s also one of the biggest challenges faced during any intranet project.   

This guide uses stunning, eye-catching and innovative designs to bring to life the five key steps to creating your own compelling intranet. We explore the ‘5Ws’ of design, including:  

  • WHY: why do I need an intranet and what is it for? 
  • WHO: who are my users and their needs?  
  • WHERE: where will your intranet fit in your digital workplace alongside existing tools and applications?  
  • HOW: how does it feel when interacting with your intranet, and how do we design winning intranet journeys and user experiences? 
  • WHAT: what do you stand for, and what is your identity and brand?  

No two intranets should be the same: design is as unique as your organization and the people in it. However, there are some common elements and best practices that can bring your vision to life.  

Whether you’re about to undertake your first ever intranet or your existing platform is in need of a refresh, this guide is for you