2 billion people are in roles that make them the first point of contact between a company and the world it serves.

Frontline workers in industries like manufacturing, retail, healthcare, non -profit, are first in line to engage with customers and responsible for creating a lasting impression. But what if that impression isn’t a good one? 

Essentially the face of your organization, these employees are conflictingly treated as afterthoughts in many digital and internal communications efforts. This gap has done more than make your frontline feel neglected – they have become disengaged, and in turn, less productive. 

If disengagement is affecting your frontline workers then it’s definitely affecting your bottom line. This new eBook studies some of the biggest challenges facing frontline workers across industries and highlights how leveraging your intranet can help you achieve a greater employee performance. 

Download and discover:  

  • The challenges impacting frontline workers across a wide range of industry sectors and roles 
  • The essential technology and tools needed to make frontline staff as productive as possible 
  • How an intranet can close the social gap between frontliners and their organization 
  • Tips to deliver direct, consistent and real time communications to non-desk employees  
  • Customer examples that showcase how brands have overcome these issues using their intranets