It’s been a rough time for retail businesses over the past decade. We’ve seen many major and well-loved brands fall by the wayside as shopping habits develop and expectations change. So how can you future-proof your business to weather the storm?

Part of your strategy should involve looking at your business from a grassroots level. Who is selling your product, how are your workforce communicating with each other, how are they solving problems? If an organization wants to succeed, it needs to recognize the importance of its workforce, as well as the digitalization of the retail landscape.

This guide studies some of the big challenges facing retail businesses in the 21st century and showcases how big brands have worked around these issues using their intranet.

In this guide, we discover how to:

  • Launch an intranet
  • Train your staff effectively
  • Connect geographically dispersed employees
  • Create a digital workplace
  • Build up a positive work culture
  • Resolve issues
  • Tap into the expertise within your workforce

You might not know that your business needs an intranet- but this guide demonstrates all the reasons why an intranet can help you and your organization survive the shift and transform for a digital world.