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Intranets: are they still relevant?

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Where does the intranet fit in the modern digital workplace?

Organizations are now built on technology. However, as our employees battle a sea of different tools, applications, and communication platforms, where does the intranet fit? Can it still remain relevant and valuable, without adding to the technology fatigue?

The fourth in our eBook series explores the latest innovations and trends shaping intranet development, exploring how – and WHY – intranets should sit at the center of digital workplace strategy. We discuss:

  • Creating centralized digital workplaces: the role of the intranet in creating digital ecosystems that allow interconnectivity across different tools, applications and systems
  • Building a social enterprise: bringing together dispersed workforces through the power of social technology
  • Supporting global and remote workforces: utilizing the agility and accessibility of intranets to connect employees, regardless of time or location

Does the intranet belong at the heart of your digital workplace? Download the fourth in our eBook series today.

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