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Interact: US Healthcare Edition

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Connecting dispersed employees and supporting the highest quality of patient care through the power of a collaborative intranet

U.S Healthcare systems have been dealing with rapid shifts and challenges ranging from unstable processes and regulations to maximizing efficiency of staff and operation. Now more than ever, healthcare professionals must unite, communicate and collaborate to overcome these obstacles.

As a global provider of intranet software, Interact has over 15 years’ experience delivering internal communication solutions across a vast range of industry sectors. Our knowledge in the healthcare industry lends to an understanding of these unique challenges faced by US healthcare professionals today. We explain how Interact can play a major role in not only supporting a more collaborative approach to change but actively contributing towards the achievement of objectives such as:

  • Providing instant access to critical information and documents, facilitating paperless processes and a single version of truth for staff
  • Connecting your healthcare professionals quickly and easily, no matter where they are
  • Improving efficiency and streamlining business processes
  • Bringing your digital workplace together by integrating third-party applications like SSO and Sharepoint.
  • Keeping your data safe, protected, and HIPAA compliant with the highest security standards, including SSAE16, fully-encrypted web traffic, and ISO27001.
  • Building a strong culture for your healthcare organization

Download this guide to discover how we can help your organization deliver better patient care.

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