Offering an integrated package of cloud-native apps for collaboration, communication and productivity for business, Google’s G Suite is a recognized leader in the enterprise app market.  

Maximizing the value of your G Suite investment and ensuring employees have a positive experience of your digital workplace is a critical priority for many organizations.  

That’s why Interact offers seamless out-the-box integration with leading applications from the G Suite, alongside a host of additional features and functionality designed to support your employees.  

In this guide, we explore:  

  • The digital workplace landscape and what that means for your organization 
  • The features, functionality and limitations of the G Suite  
  • How Interact and the G Suite work intuitively together  
  • Additional benefits offered by Interact to help maximize the value of your investment and futureproof your digital workplace 

Whether your organization is already using the G Suite or you’re trying to determine the right solution to meet your needs, this guide can help you understand the complementary partnership of Interact and the G Suite, and how it will benefit your organization