The global Interact Excellence Awards uncover the stories behind some of the world’s leading digital workplace solutions, and the individuals or teams who have inspired them.

Following an exciting and challenging year for those in internal communications and intranet management, this free annual showcases 25 award-winning intranet projects that have been independently recognized by our panel of judges for success in 2019.

Download the 2019 winners’ annual and uncover ideas, insights and inspiration from organizations spanning small non-profits through to international brands, commended for:

  • Original and engaging launch campaigns
  • Pioneering leadership shown by senior level stakeholders
  • Creative, solution-based and user-focused design
  • Inclusive strategies for engaging hard-to-reach staff
  • Use of video to enhance the employee experience of communications
  • Innovation and ingenuity in strategy, application or use
  • Projects that have gone above and beyond to deliver true success stories or made the intranet a critical, transformational element of the organization.