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Going global: 10 lessons learned from crossing the border

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Growing an international presence is a lucrative option to expand your organization’s brand and reach. However, it comes with challenges. Interact’s leaders share their top tips after our expansion from Manchester start-up, to award-winning global intranet provider.

In today’s globalized economy, advances in technology and logistics have seen a huge increase in international trade. We can now sell our products and services beyond national borders like never before.

However, it’s a process that comes with challenges. Interact has been recently recognized as winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade 2019: here, our senior leaders share the lessons they learned and advice they’d offer others considering going global, including:

  • When is the right time to break into an international market?
  • Hiring and building an international workforce
  • Getting staff – and the business – up to productivity
  • Overcoming communication, time zone, and location barriers
  • Establishing an international marketing strategy
  • Learning when to push forward – and when to pull back

Learn from those who have gone before. Get our free top tips, based on interviews with CEO Simon Dance, SVP Global Sales Scott Hitchins, VP Marketing Bianca Hartley, VP US Sales Daren Jennings, and COO Rachel McCourty.


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