Looking into the best collaboration solution for your workplace, but unsure where to start? Should you be considering an intranet, an enterprise social network – or something else?

Selecting the best solution for your business can be a challenge.

You’ve got to make the case for change, and get your stakeholders onboard. You need to show where – and how – it can deliver value and return. And then, you need to find the right tool for you: which, given the diversity of choice, can become overwhelming.

If you’re considering new ways of transforming how your business communicates, collaborates, and gets stuff done, we can help. Our handy free 4-part eBook series will guide you through:

  • WHY do I need social in the workplace? Making the case for social and collaborative technology
  • HOW to get the boss to say ‘yes’: an 8-step plan to securing stakeholder buy-in for your intranet, social, or collaboration software project
  • WHICH collaboration tool is right for my business? Understanding different solutions available, and choosing the right platform to meet your needs
  • Intranets: are they still relevant? Exploring the role of the intranet in today’s digital workplace

Designed for anyone looking for support to identify, select and pitch the need for collaboration technology in their business, this series provides practical tips and valuable insights to guide you on the consideration journey.

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