This eBook looks into the results of an Interact survey, which shows 69% of organizations would choose to cascade important business news through line managers, while 24% would elect for a town hall announcement and just 7% would utilize their company intranet.

Comparing the channels available, we evaluate how best to maximize the success of your change communication by:

  • Managing the timing of delivery, avoiding sitting on critical business information or responding prematurely
  • Defining and implementing an efficient process to maximize reach and limit resistance
  • Determining the correct content and tone of your key message, aligning it to your audience
  • Adopting a multi-faceted approach across multiple channels to promote transparency and effective communication
  • Ensuring a two-way communication process through a defined follow-up process, including discussion, opportunities to present questions and provide feedback

Guard against the dangers of poor change communication and its repercussions on your business; download this eBook today.