‘Internal communication’ is often used as a blanket term. The truth is, there are a huge range of different types of communication happening in your business right now. Are you making room for them all in your comms plan?

From top-down leadership comms and change management communication, through to peer sharing and more: the options are endless.

Each serves a different purpose, a different audience, and will deliver a different outcome.

But while we may pay more attention to certain types as an organization, each has its own value and has a role to play in your overall internal communications strategy.

In this eBook, we explore the 8 foundational types of communication that need to feature on your internal comms line-up:

  • Leadership and top-down comms
  • Change communication
  • Crisis communication
  • Information comms
  • Bottom-up or two-way communication
  • Peer communication
  • Culture comms
  • Campaign comms

We explore the what, how, and why of each type, and where they all fit in the big picture of business internal communication strategy.