Non-profits, in particular, are under considerable pressure to operate with limited resources and restricted budgets. Working with global charities across the world, Interact has seen how their intranet software improves efficiencies and helps office workers, front-line staff and volunteers with their day-to-day roles.

With the help of some of the world’s leading charities and non-profits – NSPCC, War Child, MSH, Orbis, Piedmont Health, MidPen Housing and March of Dimes – this guide has been compiled to share some our insights and successes, so you can plan and build an intranet that helps you achieve the goals within your non-profit organization.

In this guide, we discuss various scenarios where you can make your intranet work for you, covering:

  • Communication
  • Intranet management
  • Design
  • Engagement
  • Employee recognition
  • Collaboration
  • Compliance

Our non-profit clients outline how their intranet has transformed operations, processes and output, allowing them to improve performances across their organization.