The five phases of achieving enterprise-wide collaboration

How to create a social space online for your healthcare organization in five easy to adopt steps


Medical professionals are often separated by department, by shift, and by geography. That’s why creating collaboration online is more important than ever. However, Gartner warns us that 80% of social business applications fail. How do you plant yourself in that remaining 20%? The answer lies in the everyday practices of your business.

In this webinar Haydn Smith, Senior Intranet Consultant and Nigel Williams, Community Manager will tell you how to identify:

  • The financial, operational and strategic benefits of successful social tools for your organization
  • The best way to implement social tools over time to maximize their benefit and minimize the risk of them not being adopted by your users
  • How you can achieve Social Enterprise Success in five easy to adopt steps

We will be joined by finalists from Ragan’s Intranet Awards and case studies from NNG’s Enterprise 2.0 Report who will share their success with social tools, how they implemented them, and the business benefits they have achieved.

Watch this webinar to see the impact and risks of going social with your intranet. By the end of this session you will have a clear picture of what can be achieved and how this can be done in simple steps.

5 phases of collaboration

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