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Intranet Teams

Bring your people together for more effective working

Breakdown company silos and simplify collaboration

Interact Teams provides a single platform on the intranet for groups of common interest, regardless of location or traditional department structures. Whether project, social or hobby related, team areas are a place your employees can go to create and engage in their own communities.

Keep knowledge where it can be found

Move critical knowledge from individuals' email inboxes and desktops and store it in the intranet as a searchable archive. Because Teams can be accessed by multiple users for future reference, findability of information is increased and duplication of effort reduced.

Privacy settings

Teams can be set as private so only those invited can participate, or open so everyone can be included. Confidential projects can be hidden completely from the directory and search.

Clutter-free intranet

Content relevant to a team or department isn't always relevant to your entire organization. Keep top-level communications relevant and make sure your users keep coming back.

No need for I.T.

Set up and go with no need for IT support with pre-defined templates and easy-to-add widgets. Manage teams and permissions within the Team Directory.

Essential intranet guide

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