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Intranet Personas

Communicate in a relevant and impactful way through your intranet

Create groups outside of rigid organizational structures

The way we structure our organizations into locations, departments and teams doesn't always reflect the day-to-day reality of how we operate, and therefore how we need to communicate with employees. Because someone is a member of one department, it doesn't mean they don't fall into other, more dynamic categories. Interact Personas allow you to create groups outside of rigid organizational structures, and communicate with them in a relevant and impactful way throughout your intranet.

Put control back with internal comms

Traditional user grouping has its limitations when it comes to effective communications. Creating e-mail distribution groups tends to be the default mode for getting information out. These are not only difficult to maintain, e-mail also creates siloed exchanges, keeping knowledge locked away in inboxes. By creating personas within your intranet, you can target dynamic groups and keep all your information in one place.

Targeted intranet broadcasts

Get that all-important information out to specific groups by broadcasting communications to defined personas. Simply compose your message, specify recipients then send and track it across a variety of mobile and desk-based channels, all from within your intranet.

Define dynamic employee groups

Group your employees according to multiple criteria to define your desired personas. For example, you may want to target all employees who manage more than two people who haven't undertaken people management training, or group mobile workers who haven't used the intranet for more than three weeks.

Always current

No need to manually maintain persona groups. Define the criteria and any time a user is added or their data or status changes, persona groups will be updated automatically.

Track persona behavior

Gain insight into how your organization's personas are behaving with intranet analytics. By tracking behavior, you can make changes and improvements to your intranet.

Relevant homepages

You now have even more ways of tailoring content to meet the needs of your internal audiences by targeting communications to personas through intranet homepages.

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