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Intranet People Directory

Find. Connect. Collaborate. Innovate

People. They are what makes your organization

Bringing them together is when the magic really happens. Interact People Directory sits at the heart of your intranet, helping employees find co-workers through a variety of criteria including expertise or department, and then giving them the tools to connect and collaborate.

People directory - interact software

Rich people profiles

To help your employees get to know each other that little bit better, Interact provides users with an easy-to-update profile. Covering everything from the basics through to more in-depth info on each person's expertise and experience, interests, and their activity on the intranet, it's a simple but effective way to share knowledge on the people powering your organization.

intranet profile - interact software

Search diverse criteria

Users can find colleagues they don't know, as well as the ones they do. Search a variety of criteria from expertise to location and role, to easily locate the people needed.

Filter results

Refine search by filtering results by categories including location, expertise and interest. High-level employee overviews give a quick way of identifying who best fits requirements.

Connect & communicate

Make it easy for users to expand their networks by following co-workers. Integrations with apps such as Skype and Yammer mean it's simple to start up conversations.

Expertise endorsements

To help users build up their profiles, Interact will suggest skills and expertise that can either be added to their profile, or for which they can endorse their colleagues.

Influence Score

The Interact Influence Score shows you how active and influential each person is within your intranet. Handy for identifying those who can help increase engagement.

Central profile management

Automatic synchronization with directories including Active Directory and Azure Active Directory means that any updates to central profiles will be reflected in the intranet.

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