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Interact for Office 365

Seamless integration with your intranet and Office 365

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Interact is proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner, working closely with Microsoft technologies for many years.

Interact for Office 365: creating a centralized digital workplace

Interact is designed to support your organization and its your employees in maximizing the Office 365 experience, helping you to get the most from your investments. Our out-the-box intranet solution can be quickly and easily configured to work alongside a number of your Office 365 applications, creating an intuitive and seamless digital workplace experience.

Seamless integration with your intranet and Office 365

Getting the most from SharePoint

Interact offers deep-level integration with SharePoint Online, helping you to get the most from your SharePoint and intranet investments. Search and surface SharePoint files through your intranet, then use Interact's rich features to add value and context to your content.

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  1. Stay compliant by maintaining an audit trail of who has read key policies and documentation
  2. Add a quiz to your content to assess how well employees have understood content
  3. Search SharePoint files via Interact, then view documents inline without leaving the intranet
  4. Allow users to comment on documents, @mentioning co-workers or other content for greater collaboration
  5. Tag content for more accurate search results
  6. Give users the ability to get updates when key content is updated
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Connect staff to critical business information without an Office 365 licence

If a proportion of your workforce don't require an Office 365 license, utilizing SharePoint as an intranet is problematic. Interact offers an ideal solution without the unnecessary additional cost of Office 365 licences. Despite out-the-box integration with SharePoint, Interact has no underlying reliance on either SharePoint or Office 365. Users can be provisioned natively and securely within Interact without the need for an additional license in Azure Active Directory; furthermore, additional features found in our product mean you can communicate and engage with every employee.

Synchronize and authenticate your users from Azure Active Directory

Real-time synchronization between Interact and Active Directory or Azure Active Directory means any updates to central profiles are seamlessly reflected in your intranet People Directory. Creation and de-provisioning of users is easy and efficient, reducing the IT burden and ensuring users are viewing profile data that is current and correct.

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Creating a centralized digital workplace
Creating a centralized digital workplace

Trigger conversations with Skype for Business

If Skype plays a crucial communications role in your organization, bring those conversations into your intranet. Interact and Skype for Business enable users to locate colleagues in the People Directory, then chat, conduct online meetings and launch audio and video calls.

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Make Interact a member of your Microsoft Team*

Interact's powerful bot for Microsoft Teams gives employees quick access to information residing within the intranet without them having to leave their shared workspace. The bot allows users to quickly find content or information in a conversational and natural way - just like another member of the team.

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Creating a centralized digital workplace


Add your Yammer feed into Interact using Yammer Embed and bring all your enterprise social networking conversations together in one place.


Get easy visibility of your critical dashboards and analytics from within your intranet, embedding them onto your homepages, team pages, or department areas.


Present your shared Office 365 calendars inside Interact, giving employees quick access to what's happening in your organization - from meeting room availability to corporate events.

*Feature coming soon

Maximizing the digital workplace

Office 365 plays a key role in an ever-growing digital workplace landscape.

Download our free guide and discover how to get the most from your investments. In it, we explore different elements that make up the digital workplace landscape, the role of SharePoint Online, and we look closely at the role of the intranet beyond Office 365.

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Discover where O365 and the intranet fit in the digital workplace, and how to get the most from your investments

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