Digital Workplace integrations

Make your intranet the gateway to your digital workplace with built-in integrations to all your business platforms and applications, giving your employees everything they need from one place.

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Business productivity tools

Interact integrates with leading third-party productivity applications, giving your employees access to all the tools they need to get work done.

More ways for your teams to collaborate
Organize and prioritize tasks within your intranet
Log, view and action tickets
Drive digital transformation by joining up your intranet with ServiceNow
Search and view Salesforce information within Interact
Google Calendar.
Gain quick visibility into key events across your organization

Office 365

Offering seamless integrations with leading Office 365 applications, Interact helps you get the most from your digital workplace investments.

Real-time access to e-mails within the intranet
Skype for Business.
Quickly find colleagues and initiate chat
Microsoft Clendar.
Quick visibility into what's happening within your organization
Microsoft Delve.
Give users a view of trending and relevant documents and files
All your enterprise social networking in one place
Microsoft Stream.
Easily embed your Microsoft Stream videos inside your intranet
Azure Active Directory.
Automatically sync Interact with Azure Active Directory
Visibility of your dashboards and analytics

Search Connectors

Real time search of SharePoint files and sites
Search files within your OneDrive or shared with you by others
Google Drive.
Search and access files held within Google Drive
Search files in Box in real time