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Intranet Homepages

Flexible and attractive intranet homepages

Your intranet homepage is the internal window to your organization

As the first place users visit, it's vital that it draws them in by presenting up-to-date and relevant content in an engaging and attractive way. With the ability to display a mix of information, content and media, tailored to specific internal audiences, you can make your intranet homepage count with Interact.

Easy for anyone to build

Interact's intranet Homepage Manager means you don't need IT or developer support to create homepages that cater for the differing needs of your internal audience. Build your page using relevant widgets from the huge selection available, drag and drop to move content around, and resize elements in one click.

Choice of widgets

Select from a broad range of pre-defined widgets to build your intranet homepage. Ranging from widgets for productivity, to content and social widgets, you can keep homepages engaging and relevant.

Tailored homepages

Whether specific personas, location, department or teams, keep users engaged with the intranet by targeting communications so they only see relevant content and updates.

Onboarding homepages

Give new starters a personalized onboarding experience. Tailor content and grant access to the intranet before they start, quickly getting them up to speed and part of the team.

Build your internal brand

Building a brand for your intranet is key to delivering something your users will love. Our team of in-house design specialists go the extra mile to make your intranet feel like a part of your organization, working with you to create the perfect look and feel to inspire and engage your users.

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