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Intranet Forums

Discuss. Ask questions. Share ideas

Uncover organizational expertise via your intranet

Interact Forums give you more ways of tapping into your employees' knowledge, expertise and ideas through your intranet. Ask questions, start a discussion, or invite and share ideas, then interact with posts to keep the discussion going.

A platform for creative brainstorming

Give your employees a platform to brainstorm ideas and solutions to problems. Encourage proactive idea sharing and allow feedback and voting on the best suggestions - a simple but effective way to engage employees in your intranet.

Ask questions - get answers

Ask a question within a forum and get an answer - fast. By liking and accepting best answers you can also add credibility to future searches within the intranet.

Uncover experts

When a question is asked, Interact will search employees' profiles for specific expertise, presenting users with a list of those who are best placed to help.

Easy to moderate

The definition of a good forum is one that's active. Add multiple moderators to a forum to make sure the burden of responsibility doesn't have to sit with key admin.

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