Work better, together

Accomplish your shared goals with an easy-to-use extranet. Improve efficiency, drive productivity and keep your entire network connected from a single location. Our out-the-box features can be applied to an extranet environment to help you strengthen ties with third parties such as contractors, suppliers, or customers.

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Tap into the power of collective working

Whatever you’re collaborating on, bring everything together for seamless and intuitive working. Rich social and communication features will help you break out of email to achieve your goals faster. Uncover insights and ideas, centralize workflows, resolve challenges together, and empower every user to self-serve. With an extranet, everyone can contribute to your common goals.

Create unique, tailored experiences

Work together more effectively by ensuring the right people have the right information. It’s easy to tailor your extranet experience for different user groups, with targeted homepages displaying your choice of navigation, content, and branding. Everything is permission managed: so, you control exactly what your extranet users see, meeting compliance and security requirements.


Keep privileged information safe and secure

When working with any third-party, you need to be confident that your privileged information, content, and employee data is safe. Security is made easy with our out-the-box features, ensuring complete control of your extranet is in your hands. Create and de-commission profiles with simple, centralized profile management. Manage your different types of extranet users with security groups, giving the right level of access and permission to every user.

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