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Intranet content management

Simple content creation and management

Fresh, relevant, and accessible content is the key to the success of your intranet

That's why Interact not only gives non-technical users the ability to create, upload and manage content within the intranet, it also integrates with leading storage providers to ensure users can access all your organization's documents, in one place.

Empower your non-technical users

Interact's intranet content management system, which includes a rich-text 'WYSIWYG' editor, means users of all abilities can create attractive intranet pages, add and embed images, include rich media and hyperlinks, or structure and rearrange content using drag and drop functionality. Our intranet CMS makes creating engaging content simple and intuitive.

Cloud storage integrations

Search, access and collaborate on documents from across your cloud storage platforms, all within your intranet. Interact offers configuration with key document storage providers, putting all your content and information in one place for an easy, effortless user experience.

Mandatory reads

Stay compliant by ensuring critical information is read. Mark specific content as a Mandatory Read, record who has read it, and issue reminders where appropriate.

Version control

Keep an integrated audit trail with version control. Lock documents for editing and rollback to previous versions, making content compliant, control effortless, and collaboration easy.

Set review dates

Don't let your intranet become a graveyard of out-of-date content. Set review and page expiry dates and automatic reminders will prompt authors and owners to take action.

Bulk document upload

Uploading documents directly into your intranet has never been easier with the drag and drop function in Interact. Documents can even be uploaded directly from zip files.

Enterprise search

Whether stored on the intranet or with a cloud storage provider, by adding documents to the search index of the intranet, they can be surfaced during searches.

Inline preview

Quickly locate the document you need with Inline Preview. No need for the Office suite on your device, and no need to download the document to check it's the correct one.

Essential intranet guide

A must-have guide for every stage of your intranet journey.

Download our free guide and learn how to get the most from your intranet; whether you're looking to make improvements to your existing platform, or you're planning a new project.

Free intranet guide

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