Intranet content management

Bring all your organization’s content and documents together with a simple, easy-to-use content management system that integrates with your document management solution.

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Create engaging content quickly and easily: without IT support

Interact is built for communicators, removing any technical barriers to both publishing and consuming content. Its ease of use makes creating, editing and finding content a breeze. Thanks to a range of innovative features, Interact’s powerful rich text editor makes it easy to publish professional-looking content with zero technical knowledge: ensuring you get more user-generated and fresh content on your intranet.

  1. Avoid duplicated content with alerts about existing pages with a similar title
  2. Intuitive rich text editor is easy for anyone to use
  3. Use built-in styles to bring your text to life
  4. Add and position imagery without worrying about file sizes
  5. Embed video using Interact’s built-in Media Manager or from 3rd party sources such as Microsoft Stream, YouTube or Vimeo
  6. Select from an extensive list of emojis to add a social or more informal tone to your comms
  7. Quickly @mention to link to content including forums, events, communities, people, questions, ideas, and blogs
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Make compliance easy with Mandatory Reads and Quizzes

Meet your compliance requirements by ensuring critical content is read and understood. Mark pages or documents as a Mandatory Read, record who has read it, and send reminders to those who haven’t. Ensure staff have understood by testing their knowledge with a quiz and assign a pass rate, with at-a-glance analytics to see how your employees have done.

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Seamlessly present SharePoint files

Automatically synchronize SharePoint folders and files to your intranet. Select from single or multiple team sites, choose which folders or files to index, then boost discoverability and engagement using Interact features such as commenting, quizzes, tagging, Mandatory Read and more.

Search and surface SharePoint files from within your intranet
Real time analytics

Empower authors to continually improve their content with detailed insights on page performance including visits, watchers and downloads. For Administrators, a holistic view of all content can be found in Interact’s main Analytics suite.

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